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We Believe You Deserve To Have A: Client-Centered, Process-Driven, Truth-Based Financial Guidance, Delivered in a Simple, and Easy To Understand Way
Financial Advisor and Partner

Ramie Khalil

Ramie khalil is a registered Investment Adviser and Licensed Life Insurance Agent. He is the Co-author of Retired & Free: the Unconventional Path to Financial Certainty and Fulfillment, as well the Chief Investment Officer for Fortress Financial Group LLC. Ramie migrated to the United states at the age of 5 with his family from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Growing up with a passion and focus on finance and investing Ramie entered the financial services industry where he focused on helping families and business owners learn how to protect and grow their wealth through sound risk management and income planning. Today, Ramie actively works with hundreds of clients, helping implement wealth management strategies. “I believe that ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your money and family’s financial future. Having the benefit of growing up in a family from another country, I understand why financial education is key to building permanent and lasting wealth. As a financial advisor, I love helping educate my clients on how having a comprehensive wealth plan that coordinates their income, tax planning and investment strategy can allow them to maximize their returns and potentially become financially free in years vs decades.”

Pedro Adao

Pedro is a RICP and Licensed Financial Professional. He is the author of Retired and Free. He has been a Financial Planner for over 13 years and specializes in Retirement planning. He resides in California with his beautiful family.

Megan has been with Fortress Financial Group since 2015. She works closely with our new and current clients. Megan ensures that our clients have an outstanding experience from the very beginning. She supports our advisors so that they can be of best of service.

  • Hobbies: Going to Disneyland and spending time with her husband, Nicholas, and daughter, Helena.
Office Manager and Client Services

Megan Muldong

Suzette is a foundational rock of the firm since opening Fortress Financial Group with her husband Pedro. She has planned and coordinated many of our financial workshops throughout the area. Suzette also loves to create wonderful raffle baskets that we give away at our events! She loves to bring joy and fun to our company!

  • Hobbies: Cooking
  • Favorite Travel Destination: Disneyland

Suzette Adao

Shelly has been with Fortress Financial group since 2014. She began with planning workshops and managing client services. She worked closely with all of our clients and continues to grow the company by creating efficiencies and systems to help better serve our clients.

  • Hobbies: Doing puzzles
  • Favorite Movie: Remember The Titans
Operations Manager and Client Specialist

Shelly Khalil

Our Agents

Alex is a Licensed Financial Professional with Fortress Financial


He loves Partnering with his clients to create a holistic plan that is flexible and can adapt to the changes of life, while also incorporating the right amount of risk management to eliminate risk wherever necessary, protect and grow assets and to produce wealth, passive income, and a legacy.

Outside of his financial practice, Alex uses his 23 years of business experience to Consult with CEO’s and High-level executives to help them create greater value and impact int their industries while also building the right experiences and messaging for their clients

Alex lives in Southern Virginia with his Wife Judy.

Together they have loved designing a life where they can be present for their 4 children

As well as enjoying the outdoors, traveling, and mentoring younger families.

Alex Fanjul

David is a Licensed Financial Professional with Fortress Financial. He loves Partnering with his clients to create a holistic plan that is flexible and can adapt to the changes of life, eliminating risk where we can, protecting and growing assets to produce wealth and a lasting legacy.

David likes to bring simple solutions that are easy to understand and apply.

David also helps his clients navigate their transition into Medicare, helping them find the right plan for their needs.

David lives in central Wisconsin with his Wife and 2 children, where he loves to enjoy the outdoors Golfing and hiking in the warmer season and skiing in the winter.

David Swan

Eric is a Licensed Financial Professional with over 9 years of experience. He currently resides in Sacremento, CA specializing in helping individuals and couples that are already in retirement and those that are approaching retirement. Eric has earned a Bachelor’s Degree from U.C. Davis in Economics and received his initial financial training at Morgan Stanley as a Financial Advisor Associate. He continues to be educated on the most up to date financial strategies and education in order to better serve his clients.

Hobbies and Activities: Golf, Tennis, Paddle Boarding, Snowboarding, Traveling, Reading.

Eric Restrepo

Jordon is a Licensed Financial Professional with Fortress Financial who brings a unique blend of experience to the firm and his clients. Before joining Fortress he was responsible for the financial planning and analysis of a leading tech company and served as a licensed CPA.
After quitting his corporate job at the age of 33 to build his own company with his wife, he went on a search for alternative ways to create income and wealth that didn’t require him to trade time for money.
This led him to discover many of the same truths and principles he is now committed to sharing with clients so they too can achieve financial certainty and fulfillment.

Jordon Richard

Dr. Michelle Keller is no stranger to the world of excellence and performance. She has been a successful doctor and business owner for over 25 years, performing in the top 3% of her profession and understands what it is like to be an entrepreneur and think like one. Her desire to help others succeed in life and business is demonstrated in her passion for transformational teaching. As part of the Fortress Financial team, she loves to deliver experiential workshops utilizing wealth strategies to facilitate the creation of your most valuable asset-you! Whether you are a doctor, or a female business owner, an entrepreneur or want to think like one, Dr. Michelle Keller has the experience and the passion to help you excel in business and create a legacy. From the heart, her biggest satisfaction is caring for you and the ones you love. She is currently licensed as a financial associate in many states across the nation. She also holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Southern California University of Health Sciences, where she is a post graduate and assistant professor, and a bachelor in sports medicine from SUNY at Buffalo, NY. Dr. Michelle Keller is a staff officer for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, along with her husband. Together they are a giving power team that enjoys living life to the fullest. She had been an integral part of mission trips abroad as well as active in the community in volunteering with programs for seniors, veterans and doctors.

Dr. Michelle Keller